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There are many Small and big companies providing the Internet broadband services in Chandigarh. Some small companies are providing the internet broadband through Lan cables and Wi-Fi Networks in many areas. The Service Level of all these companies vary and there is no standard of quality maintained by them. Every company has its own technology and its own data plans. PLEASE CALL US AT 9988830652 FOR BROADBAND PLANS IN CHANDIGARH.
Over all there are four big companies which are dominating the Internet Broadband Market in Chandigarh and have the most connections in Chandigarh for Internet Broadband Services. These companies are
• Reliance Communications
• Bharti Airtel Ltd
• Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd
• Quadrant Tele Ventures Ltd (Connect Broadband)
RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS Reliance is promoted by the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani. Reliance has a great optical fiber network in Chandigarh but its fiber network is not present at all areas of the Chandigarh Tricity which includes areas like Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, and Panchkula. Reliance has a substantial market share in the Internet Broadband Market in Chandigarh owing to the popularity of its unlimited plans. Reliance offers truly unlimited Data Plans which do not restrict your broadband speed after a certain limit.
Reliance Internet Broadband Plans are here:

Monthly RentalData UsageInternet Speed
599Unlimited1 Mbps
699Unlimited2 Mbps
89920 GB4 Mbps till 20 GB after that 1 Mbps


Monthly Rental
99925 GB12 Mbps till 25 GB after that 1 Mbps


Plan 699 is the best selling Data plan of the Reliance Broadband in Chandigarh. This Plan is best suited for Home users and Small Business Units. Getting unlimited data usage for your broadband means peace of mind. You do not have to worry about the inflated bills at the end of the month. Every month you get a fix bill. This plan is only for the data users and offers no calling facility. If you are looking for a combo plan then you can take advantage of the Combo Plans offered by the Reliance. With combo plans you get value for money. Not only get unlimited data access but also get unlimited calling on Reliance Fixed Wire Line Phones and attractive calling rates to call on other telecom operators.

AIRTEL BRAODBAND is available in CHANDIGARH on Multiple Modes and has unique offerings to cater to the needs of the users in all segments. AIRTEL BROADBAND IN CHANDIGARH is available on Wire Line and On Many Wire Less Devices. Most of the users consider it best to get a new broadband connection on Wire Line due to the stability of the Internet Broadband Connection but also the availability of the High Speeds on the Wire line broadband.

7994 Mbps15GBAfter 15GB with 512 kbps SpeedYou have to pay Rs 99 pm
1099Up to 16 Mbps40 GBAfter 40GB with 512 kbps SpeedYou have to pay Rs 99 pm
1299Up to 16 Mbps60GBAfter 60GB with 512 kbps SpeedIncluded
1599Up to 16 Mbps80 GBAfter 80GB with 512 kbps SpeedIncluded
2199Up to 16 Mbps150GBAfter 150GB with 512 kbps SpeedIncluded

If you are looking for a new AIRTEL BROADBAND CONNECTION IN CHANDIGARH, Then you can contact us .We can help you in getting your new connection with free Installation.
AIRTEL BROADBAND has become the most popular Internet Broadband Service Provider in Chandigarh Tricity because It provides very high speed of the internet even on basic plans. While most of the operators provide a starting Speed of 2 Mbps on the basic plans AIRTEL BROADBAND provides a blistering Speed of 4 Mbps even on a basic plan of 799. AIRTEL BROADBAND is also getting more market share among the business users as it provides a Data Usage Limit of 150 GB which is not provided by any other telecom service provider in Chandigarh.

We help you to choose the best plan for your needs Please call us at 9988830652.
AIRTEL BROADBAND IN CHANDIGARH is also Available on 4G for the Home Users. This Plan is available under the Home Wi-Fi Plans. Users can access the High Speed 4G internet broadband on Wireless devices anywhere anytime. AIRTEL BROADBAND on 4G in CHANDIGARH has become very popular with a short span of launching its services and users have loved the Speed they are getting without any hassles of Wires.
Here are Top 5 Home Wi-Fi Plans of AIRTEL 4G IN CHANDIGARH.

Airtel 4G DATAPricingValidity
3GB595Per billing Cycle
10 GB995Per billing Cycle
30GB1995Per billing Cycle
50 GB2995Per billing Cycle
100 GB4995Per billing Cycle

The Home Wi-Fi Plans fulfill the needs of all users . People Using Home Wi-Fi for browsing and surfing and for the educational needs of their kids can opt for the 595 plan which provides 3GB Data Usage. While the Business users can have the choice to opt for the Rs 995 Plan with 10 GB data packs. People use to watching movies online and those who have a penchant for downloading online movies and music then you have Rs 1995 Plan for. And the Big IT companies can use Rs 2995 and Rs 4995 plans which provide 50 GB and 100 GB data respectively. We have a team of experts to guide you and help you in getting your new Internet Broadband connection In Chandigarh. You can always contact us at 9988830652.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd
BSNL is the state owned telecom operator which has never been able to match the technology and the customer care provided by the private telecom operators. BSNL has its own legacy, It has the best plans to suit all the users and the plans are affordable too for most of business and home users. But due to poor brand perception and red tape most of the users are not inclined to use broadband services provided by the BSNL.
Here is the List of BSNL Broadband Plans in Chandigarh

Monthly RentalData UsageInternet Speed
79910 GB2 Mbps till 10 GB after that 1 Mbps
94920 GB2 Mbps till 20GB after that 1 Mbps
119930 GB4 Mbps till 30GB after that 1 Mbps
144940 GB8 Mbps till 40GB after that 1 Mbps

BSNL plans are very attractive for the users and are very affordable too .Rs 799 plan which provides the Data of 10 GB is very popular amongst the Home users while the Rs 1199 Plan is popular equally amongst upper middle group families and Business Owners. PLEASE CALL US 9988830652 FOR MORE DETAILS.
BNSL high Speed Data Plans which have a download Speed of 4Mbps to 24 Mbps start from Rs 999 and go up to Rs 3445. And the limit of Data usage varies from 10 GB to 175 GB.
Here is a List of Top Plans of BSNL

Monthly RentalData UsageInternet Speed
999104 Mbps till 10 GB after that 1 Mbps
1275304 Mbps till 10 GB after that 1 Mbps
1441258 Mbps till 25 GB after that 1 Mbps
1495404 Mbps till 40 GB after that 1 Mbps


Connect Broadband Chandigarh:
Connect is the first private telecom operator in Chandigarh and Punjab which started providing the Internet Broadband Services to its users in Punjab and Chandigarh. Due to its first mover advantage it got a good response from the market and quickly managed to garner the market leader position. But with the coming of Bharti Airtel and other players it has been losing its market share steadily. The reason is that it has not been able to bring the latest technology like other players. Wireless 4G by Airtel has changed the rules of the game and it will have to get ready for stiff competition ahead.


Monthly RentalData UsageInternet SpeedFree Call Value
79930 GB1 Mbps till 30 GB after that 512 kbpsNil
99950GB1Mpbs till 50 GB after that 512 kbpsNil
129960GB2 Mbps till 60 GB after that 512 kbpsUnlimited Local+STD
1699100 GB2 Mpbs till 100 GB after that 1 MbpsUnlimited Local+STD

These are the Top Selling Plans of CONENCT BROADBAND IN CHANDIGARH.
CONNECT BROADBAND has great wile line network and these plans have been able to provide a balance of High Speed and high Data Usage to the users of Connect Broadband in Chandigarh.

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